Children’s Buteyko Breathing Programme


A breathing education programme for children between 5 years old and 13 years old. The Children’s Buteyko Breathing Programme is delivered in 3 x 1 Hour group lessons in-person with experienced Primary School Teacher and Buteyko Practitioner Brian Murphy.

Why choose this Programme?

As an experienced Primary School Teacher of nearly 20 years, it is my mission to teach children in simple, fun and practical ways the importance of correct breathing habits for their development, health and wellbeing.

  • It is designed to educate children fully on the benefits of Nose Breathing and correct breathing habits so that they can apply this knowledge as they grow and develop.
  • It is designed to be fun.
  • This process will include connecting with the parents and guiding them with supporting their children on the journey to correcting breathing habits.

What will my child learn and experience in this programme?

    • Your child will learn the importance of Nasal Breathing as a habit for their health and well-being.
    • Your child will experience that learning to breathe correctly can be fun.
    • Your child will learn the science of correct breathing taught by an experienced Primary School Teacher, pitched at a level that is enjoyable and easy to understand.
    • Your child will learn specific breathing exercises that can be applied as a practical tool to encourage good breathing for their lifetime.
    • Your child will experience this with other children in a positive, inclusive learning environment where they are encouraged to ask questions and have ownership over their learning.

The children will learn specific breathing exercises to help them:

  1. Re-educate their breathing patterns and habits by learning the foundational principles and practices of the Buteyko Breathing Programme.
  2. Switch from Mouth Breathing to Nose Breathing.
  3. Improve sleep patterns and concentration levels.
  4. Manage and control asthma, exercised induced asthma, rhinitis and sinusitis
  5. Alleviate anxiety or stress levels.
  6. Have more fun when playing sports as breathing is under control.


  • Follow up call 3 weeks after final course date with the Parents.
  • Contact me through phone or email for support after the course completion.
  • The Book “Always Breathe Correctly” by Patrick Mckeown.
  • Bonus* Lifetime access to group course for each child at no extra charge.

One on One Coaching with Children also available on Request.
Price 50 Euros per One on One Coaching session for Children.

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