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Our breath is the most important process in our body.

Reconnect with your breath

We can survive weeks without eating days without drinking water but only minutes without breathing.
I have been teaching healthy breathing patterns and habits to Children, Teenagers and Adults since 2015. I have worked with children of five years old all the way up to elderly clients. I have used my 20 Years Experience in mainstream education as a Primary School Teacher to create courses, teach and educate people of all ages about the importance and benefits of healthy breathing.
Years of Experience

What excites me so much about teaching Healthy Breathing Habits and Patterns is that there are fundamental, proven principles of what healthy breathing is.

These principles, once applied to our breathing through awareness and practice of exercises can transform our health and wellness.

Now it's time for healthy breathing

Never before have people needed so badly to learn the principles of healthy breathing.

So much in our modern way of living is causing us to have poor breathing habits and patterns. The Covid-19 Pandemic has meant that healthy breathing habits are an essential part of our daily lives.

Calm gentle breathing through our noses as a habit releases a gas called Nitric Oxide in our paranasal sinuses.

Nitric Oxide has been administered to many patients in hospitals in the USA (perhaps around the world?) as a way of combating the effects of Covid-19 with seriously ill patients.

You can harness the benefits of Nitric Oxide in your body by learning to always breathe through your Nose as a habit and learning to breathe less volume of air, calmly and gently.

Nitric Oxide has anti-viral, anti- bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

It is my Mission to share with you in simple and practical ways how you can take control of Your Breath, by improving your breathing patterns and habits.

You can transform your health in doing so.

I am here to support you

Your journey to Healthy Breathing

Breathing correctly helps many other processes in your body.

Correct breathing will help to create better peristalsis – and aid digestion, heart function, circulation, blood pressure and metabolism – while improving oxygenation too.

The good news is that you can take control of your breathing with…

  • Awareness of what Healthy Breathing really is
  • Practice of exercises and implementing lifestyle changes to learn healthy patterns and habits of Breathing 

For Asthma

Do you fear losing control of your breathing as a result of issues such as Asthma or Exercised Induced Asthma? Do you find it difficult to feel like you are getting a deep, satisfying breath?


Do you have Nasal Congestion, Sinusitis or Rhinitis?


Are you struggling with the long term effects of Covid-19?


Do you find yourself taking shallow, upper chest breaths when you are stressed? Have you ever lost control of your breathing and felt stressed and anxious when that happened?

Changing our breathing patterns and habits is a journey. Every journey begins with the first step.

You can begin the journey now of transforming your health by learning about how you can learn to breathe better, to breathe in a healthy way that will support your well being each day.
My online courses and personal breathing coaching are carefully designed to support and guide you on your journey.

How I can help you breathe healthy?

Whether it is my online course you take or you work with me in person, I have designed my Breathing Programmes to provide you with…

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