Breathing and Stress

Effective breathing exercises to help you with Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks.
Science of Breathing

Breathing lightly through the nose is the best

The habit of overbreathing causes the levels of Carbon Dioxide in our body to drop. CO2 plays a vital role in the body in the release of oxygen to our cells, the dilation of our blood vessels and the relaxing of smooth muscle.

Breathing lightly through the nose, without taking big breaths and breathing too much, is the best way to maintain a healthy level of CO2 in our bodies.

What stress does to the body...

Heart rate chart showcase science behind healthy breathing

When we are breathing correctly our circulation improves, vasodilation takes place and the 100,000 miles of smooth muscle in our body relaxes and functions correctly.

When we are anxious or stressed the opposite happens in our bodies. Our blood vessels constrict, the circulation of blood to our extremities is inhibited as blood rushes to the major muscle groups and the vital organs as part of the “ fight or flight” response of the body. The smooth muscle in our body tenses up also. We take big breaths in readiness for a “fight or flight”.

The problem lies when this type of breathing becomes habitual. The bigger breaths we take the more we have to continue to take big breaths to feel like we are getting enough air.

The paradox is that people who overbreathe do not feel like they are getting enough air!

It is a physiological feedback loop that is malfunctioning. Many people are not aware of just how powerful a connection there is between how they breathe and their levels of stress, anxiety or frequency of panic attacks.

A powerful connection between how we breathe and stress.

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How the Buteyko Breathing helps with your Stress, Anxiety or Panic Attacks?

Fundamental breathing habits for your wellbeing

Chronic stress and anxiety is reaching epidemic levels in the Western World. Many people who are stressed or anxious know that there is something wrong but cannot see any possible solution to how they feel. Many people blame themselves or think that their anxiety or stress is just down to their personalities.

Very few people know just how fundamental their breathing habits are to their sense of wellbeing.

A stressed woman with earphones listening to a breathing programme online

A re-set button when stressed

It is my goal as a Buteyko Practitioner to help people take control of their stress, anxiety and panic attacks by learning to breathe efficiently. I wish to help people become empowered by having a physiological re-set button when stressed.

Relaxation for your body

Knowing how to bring a feeling of relaxation into our bodies is a powerful tool in our modern world. The Buteyko Breathing Method teaches how to do this while also boosting our energy levels and greatly improving our quality of sleep.

Inner control of your wellbeing

You cannot control events all around us but by learning the Buteyko Breathing Method you can learn to take back control of your health and wellbeing inside you.

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