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Start breathing in a healthy way with professional yet practical online courses about breathing.
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Intro to Breathing

A short introduction to breathing techniques.
A cover of an online course on the Principles of Healthy Breathing

Principles of Healthy Breathing

Everything you need to know about breathing, from the sciences to practical exercises.
Brian Murphy, the owner of YourBreath, giving a breathing workshop
Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Brian

I’m a Buteyko Breathing coach with expertise in Oxygen Advantage Training. I have been teaching healthy breathing since 2015. I have used my 20 Years experience as a Primary School Teacher to create courses and educate people of all ages about the benefits of healthy breathing.

Trusted by People
of All Ages

“Thanks Brian for all the support. You really do put a lot of work into the course and I thought it was very informative. I certainly intend to do as much as I can because from now on it’s in my own hands to improve. The videos are great so hopefully I will keep improving.”
“The way you have designed the course gives the kids themselves the tools they need and empowers them to know that they can do it, and continue to improve with practice.”
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