Clients’ Feedback from Recent Breathing Programmes.

How we breathe is vital to our well being. Paying attention to our breath brings us into the present moment.

Working with clients, helping them improve their breathing habits and patterns is a privilege in this challenging time.

Feedback from Course Participants

“Thanks Brian for all the support. You really do put a lot of work into the course and I thought it was very informative. I certainly intend to do as much as I can because from now on it’s in my own hands to improve. The videos are great so hopefully I will keep improving.”
“Thanks a mill for your help and thanks for delivering such an excellent course.”
Relaxed woman after taking a healthy breathing programme
Mom and a daughter after a breathing programme at YourBreath

Feedback from Parents

It was great to receive this feedback from a parent of one of the children on my recent Breathing Course.
“Thank you again for everything. You have been so engaging and have successfully encouraged Sadhbh to breath through her nose. She is now sleeping through the night using the tape, keeping her mouth closed. The way you have designed the course gives the kids themselves the tools they need and empowers them to know that they can do it, and continue to improve with practice.”

Feedback about Buteyko Breathing Course

“We attended Brian’s Buteyko Course for kids in July 2017. Our daughter had a wheezing cough since February 2017, that steroids and antibiotics could not shake. It was impacting daily life and her sleep. Very exhausting and frustrating that she couldn’t stop coughing. Within 2 weeks of beginning the course, and with daily practice of the breathing techniques, the wheeze and cough had abated.It is such a relief that it is gone! Brian is great with the children, he keeps it interesting and helps to make the course fun. I highly recommend Brian as a Buteyko practitioner. His course for children is great!”
Mom and a child after taking a breathing programme

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