Science of Breathing

Deep dive into the science of breath.

Bohr Effect

A link between Carbon Dioxide in the blood and release of Oxygen.
Did you know that there is a direct connection between the level of carbon dioxide in your blood and the release of oxygen to your cells, tissues and organs?

Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability or HRV is a marker of how healthy we are.
Did you know that you can influence your Heart Rate Variability by changing your breathing patterns and habits?

Nitric Oxide

Breathing through the nose allows for the release of a gas called Nitric Oxide from our paranasal sinuses.

Nitric oxide is very important for cardiovascular health as when nitric oxide is depleted it can cause plaque build up in the cardiovascular system

Through our breath it is vital to breathe through the nose to harness the benefits of Nitric oxide. Interestingly the less volume of air that we breathe through our noses the greater the release of Nitric Oxide in our bloodstreams.


The tongue plays a vital role in our health and wellbeing. Many people do not know that the tongue is actually an organ and not simply a muscle in our mouth. The position of our tongue in our mouth is very important. The correct position of the tongues is resting on the roof of our mouths with the tip of the tongue behind the two front teeth.

When we are asleep the tongue plays a very important role in a deep, restful sleep.

If our tongue is not sitting in the correct position during sleep it can block our airway.

For many people this is made worse as their jaws have not developed to their full potential and there is not enough room to accommodate the tongue correctly.

This can have detrimental effects on our breathing during sleep and on our health and wellbeing.

When we are in the deeper stages of sleep our muscles relax and our tongue can drop back and block our airway causing us to hold our breath and have episodes of Sleep Apnea.

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