About Me

Meet the owner of Your Breath – Brain Murphy.


I have always had a deep interest in how to empower myself and others to live a healthier, happier life. This has led me to train in many different forms of Education and commit myself to Lifelong Learning.

It is in the sharing of what I have learned, the information and skills that I find my Life Purpose in.

The ideas, concepts I share in my Breathing Programmes combine the Practical and the Informational.

Years of Experience

My Mission with Your Breath is to Educate, teach in easy way to learn, share simple terms about the importance of Healthy Breathing and provide the tools and skills to you to Empower Yourself to Breathe Healthier.


I’m a true lifelong learner with passion for personal development.

I have nearly 20 years experience teaching in Primary Schools in Ireland. I have also trained in Personal Development, Facilitation of Groups, Community Awareness and Social Empowerment. I have also trained as a Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages.


Facilitator of Groups Training

12 month Training Programme  part of Social Health Education Project Cork


Certificate in Social Empowerment and Community Awareness

Part of Social Health Education Project Cork


Diploma in Personal Development

Part of Social Health Education Project Cork


Diploma in TESOL

Training as a Teacher of English for the Speakers of other languages from Trinity College London


Diploma in Development Studies

University College Cork


Qualified Primary School Teacher

Qualifying from Mary Immaculate College Limerick


Diploma in Journalism

Irish Institute of Public Relations


Honours degree in Arts

Trinity College Dublin

Training with Patrick Mckeown

Continuous Professional Development and Personal Growth is a passion of mine.

I have completed courses and trained with inspiring people in this area in the last 10 years.

This includes my training with Patrick Mckeown in the area of Buteyko Breathing and in the area of improving sports performance through the breath in The Oxygen Advantage Programmes.


Years of Training

Understanding myself and how I process information so that I can be of highest service to my clients is very important to me.

Holistic Approach to Wellbeing

Honouring the fact that I am highly sensitive and providing my Breathing Programmes and work in a way that best supports my clients has been a huge step forward for me. It is only by truly knowing and understanding ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses that we can truly help others.

Highly Sensitive Leadership Programmes

Since 2019 I have been receiving training and mentoring from Heather Domminick in the United States in the area of Highly Sensitive Leadership Programmes. This has allowed me to show up each day motivated to help, support and guide others through my breathing programmes.

Health through Mind and Body Connection

I attended the Conference by Dr. Gabor Maté in 2018 in University College Cork in the area of Trauma. This conference was called “ Health and Healing through Mind-Body Unity”.

Free Clarity Call

Free call to talk about your needs for 20 minutes. No charge and no commitment! Just a conversation about breathing.

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