Breathing and High Blood Pressure

Effective breathing exercises to help you with High Blood Pressure.
Backed by Research

6 Breaths Per Minute

Correcting our breathing volume and learning to breathe slowly through our noses when at rest can help to regulate and balance our blood pressure. Research has shown that breathing at a rate of 5.5 to 6 breaths per minute is the ideal rate for balancing our blood pressure and is also connected to our Heart Rate Variability.
If breathing this slowly and gently seems daunting to you do not worry.
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Change your breathing habits with my support

The breathing programmes that I provide will guide and support you with changing your breathing volume, patterns and habits in such a way that quiet, slow, gentle breathing through your nose is very possible.

The scientific evidence as to how this will benefit your health in many ways is substantial.

Slow Breathing

Balancing Nervous System

Slow breathing has been shown to reduce blood pressure while improving the functioning of the baroreceptors in our body. The baroreceptors play a vital role in the balancing of our autonomic nervous system. Imbalances in our autonomic nervous system have been directly connected to hypertension.
By practising the breathing exercises in the breathing programmes you can directly influence your autonomic nervous system, balance your blood pressure, improve heart rate variability and baroreceptor functioning.
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History of Buteyko Breathing

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It is important to note that when Dr. Konstantin Buteyko first discovered the benefits of slow, relaxed breathing with less volume of air when he was diagnosed with acute hypertension as a young doctor in the Ukraine.

Like most young medical students Dr. Buteyko was under a lot of stress and pressure at work. His blood pressure was dangerously high. He was warned that unless he got it under control he would die young of a stroke or a heart attack.

One night when working on a ward Dr. Buteyko noticed that his breathing was heavy and laboured. He had observed as a doctor that as people were dying and passing away their breathing became extremely heavy and laboured.

Those sick patients whose breathing was not so heavy tended to last longer before they passed away.

Dr. Buteyko wondered if there was a connection between how he was breathing and his high blood pressure.

If extremely sick people who were dying breathed in a heavy, laboured, fast and erratic manner was it possible that people who breathe like that in their day to day lives were making themselves sick?

Dr. Buteyko began to deliberately breathe slowly and gently through his nose and the headache he was experiencing from his high blood pressure and stress subsided.

Then he breathed heavily and it returned again. Dr. Buteyko had found a natural way to balance his dangerously high blood pressure.

He taught his breathing technique to thousands of people with high blood pressure and asthma for the rest of his life.

Dr. Buteyko had re-discovered an ancient knowledge about the power of slow, deliberate, gentle breathing that had been encouraged in the Ancient traditions such as Pranayama Yoga for thousands of years.

A natural way to lower your High Blood Pressure

So if you have any issues with your blood pressure why not explore the benefits of this simple, natural way to bring balance into your body through re-training your breathing habits and patterns?

Slow, deliberate, calm breathing lower blood pressure.

With the up-to-date technology and science of today it has now been proven scientifically that slow, deliberate, calm breathing does indeed lower blood pressure.

Proved by Heart Math Institute

Researchers at the Heart Math institute in the United States have proven that how we breathe can directly influence our blood pressure.

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